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Endolift® is a popular, FDA- approved, non-surgical procedure that produces visible results. The new minimally invasive laser treatment is a skin tightening and fat reduction procedure, targeting sagging skin, skin laxity and cellulite. Endolift delivers tiny micro-optical fibres in the skin, in the hypodermis. Significantly improve skin laxity for up to two years. Depending on individual needs and outcomes, the Endolift treatment can be safely repeated.

Treatment areas:
-Under chin (for excess fat)
-Neck and décolletage (treat ‘turkey neck’ and -crepey skin)
-Mid and lower face (reduce jowls and define jawlines)
-Knees ( wrinkles, sagging and drooping skin)
-Arms (bat wings)
-Abdomen and waist (to treat loose skin caused by pregnancy or weight change)
-Inner thighs ( reduced excess fat and toned) 
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