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Reduce Cellulite and Fat, Smooth and Tighten Skin with RF Body ContourinG.
The key parameter that determines the success of your treatment is the ability to target the treatment to the right tissue depth with the right temperature and this can vary between people, and between different areas of the body.

Groundbreaking technology offers unparalleled treatment depth control. It targets tissue at the exact
depth which yields the best results, so the results last longer and look more natural.


How Does RF Body Contouring Work?

RF Body Contouring uses the power of thermal energy to heat and restructure the dermis and epidermis. RF body contouring utilizes multiple temperature and RF frequencies to target fat and skin to smooth, lift and tighten the treatment area.  Fat is dissolved and the appearance of cellulite is reduced.  Skin tightening can be achieved using a more shallow depth of frequency and heat.  By dialing in thermal energy to the treated area, the heat reverses the aging cycle by restoring collagen, elastin and GAG (glycosaminoglycans) into the dermis.  These treatments are highly customizable, require no downtime or discomfort and provide amazing results!

What Skin Conditions Can Be Treated With RF Body Contouring?

RF Body Contouring addresses the following issues:

  • Cellulite  and fat

  • Crepey skin

  • Facial wrinkles

  • Mild to moderate skin laxity on face and body

  • Fine lines and loose skin around the eyes and mouth

    Treatment time: 30-60 minutes
    No downtime
    Recommended treatments: 3-6


How Many RF Body Contouring Treatments Are Recommended? 

Most patients will see significant results with a series of 4-6 treatments, spaced about three to four weeks apart. The number of treatments will depend on how well the patient responds to the treatment and the severity of their skin issues.

Who Can Benefit From RF Body Contouring? 


RF Body Contouring is a very safe treatment that can be performed on the face and body for almost all skin types. Side effects are uncommon.We may not recommend RF Body Contouring for anyone who has had prior problems with radio frequency therapy, those using a pacemaker, and who have a history of: bleeding coagulopathies, use of anticoagulants, autoimmune disease, immunosuppressive diseases.  These patients should check with their doctor before treatment.  

Medications or supplements that may affect skin sensitivity should be stopped prior to your treatment.  

What Is Recommended Before My Treatment? 


Avoid prolonged sun exposure, tanning booths and airbrush tans 1-2 weeks prior.Avoid taking blood thinners (i.e. aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, fish oil) for at least 10 days prior.Taking arnica montana tablets the day before your treatment and for one week after will help speed recovery.

How Is The RF Body Contouring Procedure Performed? 


This is a comfortable treatment, no numbing or prep is required.  During the treatment, the area is thoroughly cleansed, a grounding pad is used to conduct the energy and placed on the body, the treatment area is prepped with treatment location and the selected electrode begins to massage the area.  Once the optimal temperature and frequency is achieved, the area is massaged for 10-25 minutes depending on the patient's needs.

What Is The Downtime After The RF Body Contouring Procedure? 


Your skin may look flushed right after the treatment. However, most of the redness will resolve within a few hours or by the next day. The treated skin should be kept clean and not washed until the following day.There is little to no discomfort after the procedure and you can typically return to regular activities within a day.

When Will I Start To See Results From A RF Body Contouring Treatment? 


Because radiofrequency causes your skin to produce new collagen and elastin and rebuild old and damaged cells, results are not immediate and depend upon the speed at which your body heals. Typically, more visible improvements are seen 6-8 weeks post session. Although results are visible after the first treatment, you’ll start to notice more significant changes in your skin following the second treatment. Expect to see optimal results 3 months after you complete your series.

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